AdSense For FriendFeed is soon becoming my central content publishing / sharing platform. People can know what blog posts I have made, what I am doing and my GTalk status message on my FriendFeed. FriendFeed is even have commenting option so my reader can share their thoughts as well. But there is a problem that there is no monetization option in FriendFeed. With my blog, I make good amount of money and that is the reason I promote my blog everywhere rather than my FriendFeed. I wish soon FriendFeed will also allow us to add Google AdSense code so that we can utilize and promote it more agressively. If there is a AdSense for Feed, AdSense for Mobile, so there got to be a AdSense for FriendFeed. Don't you think FriendFeed is nice but it will be even better with AdSense ;-) ?


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