Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogger 'Followers' Integrates With Friend Connect Now

Blogger had 'Followers' gadget for quite some time which allows you to get updates of other blogs on your blogger dashboard. This is a quicker way than RSS reader to get updates from your frequently read blogs. Now blogger has integrated this feature with Google Friend Connect, another Google service. With this integration, you will not only be able to follow blogger blogs, but also any blog which uses Google Friend Connect service. You can follow a blog using Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account.

Google Friend Connect is an open platform which allows you to create community on your blogs and websites and engage visitors. Now with this feature, you can either publicly or privately follow any blog. If you follow any blog publicly, you profile photo will be visible on that blog. If you are aware of, it looks another way to counter which is a Yahoo product. This also have a new Google profile integrated which is also quite similar to MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog, ready for the challenge?

If you use blogger, you can simply add 'Followers' gadget to your blog to utilize this feature. If you use some other blogging platform (like wordpress and yahoo), you can go to the and add code of 'Members' gadget to your blog. (you will get quite a few other Gigya type of widgets on Friend Connect website)

Also, before leaving don't forget to follow my blog (true, bloggers are selfish). The 'followers' gadget can be found on the right most column of this blog. Please please please follow me. I know you find this blog useless, still follow me for the sake of utilizing this sexy gadget :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Content Copyright Issues

Today Google AdSense Team has published some helping material on what you can do in case somebody copying your articles on Internet. This is the question people frequently ask me and I thought it is good to share it with my friends. Here is the excerpt from the article -

"In a situation like this, where you believe that a site containing AdSense code is illegally copying your site's content, you can let us know by following the process described in our Help Center. It's our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable intellectual property laws."

"Additionally, if you find a site that is scraping (misappropriating and republishing) your content, you can report it for a potential violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. To do this, fill out the form at (you must be logged into your Google Account to access this form)."

The complete article can be found here -
Inside AdSense: My content, your content, other people's content

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google AdSense For Domains Available in India

On 18th February 2009 Google made 'AdSense for Domains' available globally. It seems that no formal announcement has been made, but this has been talked about in blogsphere. Moreover, I can also see 'AdSense for Domains' in my Google AdSense Account.

Availability of 'AdSense for Domains' means that now you will be able to utilize all your unused domains by showing google ads on them. It means you can earn money even on your unused domains. Hosting ads on unused domains is generally known as domain parking. There were few others services before like, but I am sure people will be more comfortable with Google. Also reach of Google makes is available to all.

Though I am not a domainer, I own many domains. Some of the domains were parked with Sedo and now I am moving them to Google AdSense for Domains. Sedo payout was not at all good, so hope it will be better with Google like Google's other AdSense products. I have already moved few domains today and earned around 10 cents as of now - not bad - money for a tea I guess :-).

One important feature that I have not fount yet is the reporting on individual domains. In my account, I see aggregated data for the whole day for all the domains, but I can not see which domain is performing better and which one not. It may take some time to generate that report, so I am just waiting and hoping to see that.