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Today Google AdSense Team has published some helping material on what you can do in case somebody copying your articles on Internet. This is the question people frequently ask me and I thought it is good to share it with my friends. Here is the excerpt from the article -

"In a situation like this, where you believe that a site containing AdSense code is illegally copying your site's content, you can let us know by following the process described in our Help Center. It's our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable intellectual property laws."

"Additionally, if you find a site that is scraping (misappropriating and republishing) your content, you can report it for a potential violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. To do this, fill out the form at (you must be logged into your Google Account to access this form)."

The complete article can be found here -
Inside AdSense: My content, your content, other people's content


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