Blogs & Websites in Year 2015

In year 1993, we used to have almost static websites. Then a time came, around 1996-1997, when we started having dynamic websites using technologies like ASP and ColdFusion. Then there came a time when we had an content management system integrated out of box with your websites using Wikis and Blogs.

I believe that we are still in this era of blogs and wikis and I wonder how it is going to be for the future? How will be my website in year 2015? I believe in 2015, my website will be having at least following characteristics -

1. It will be having a portal integrated, so I'll be able to create communities and do twittering on my own domain. Instead of going to FaceBook, Twitter and tons of other websites, you will find all those features on my website itself.

2. It will be written in altogether a new UI, may be a very advanced version of Flex and Flash. Flash 25.0? The thin client (browser) will definitely become fat. I doubt that HTML will be the primary language for website writing.

What do you think? Do you have some weired thoughts as well?


CG said…
In 2015 Puneet like you I do see a convergence of mediums :). But I think your blog will be much more than writing.

Let's see what the future brings forth! :)

Cyril Gupta
Preeti said…
Hey Punit,

we will move from going to destination sites towards our own favorite spots - i'm not sure we will all have our own websites and portals - but m sure we will have multiple favorite hangouts where we will spend time in private or public - life should be different with video playing a major role - will post some more once i think through this further


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