Use your Mobile Phone as Webcam - New Lag Free Solution

This is a new lag free solution that I didn't find on Internet. Most of the solutions currently available recommends DroidCam, IP Webcam, iVCam, NDI, Open Live Streaming apps etc. None of these solutions were able to give me better than Webcam quality with lag free output. With my solution, you can get DSLR like quality (depending upon your mobile phone) and use your mobile phone as high quality web cam. Use it with OBS, Zoom, MS Teams or software of your choice. NOTE - 1. This solution has been only tested with Android phones and I have yet to test it on iOS (iPhone / iPad). 2. This solution works only on high-end Android phones which support output over USB Type-C port. My solution overview - Now a days most of the phones do have USB Type C port and Video output over USB Type - C. My solution is to capture this output with a wire (to ensure high quality lag-free output) and give it as input to your computer. Once your computer gets it as camera input, you can use any software

YoHo News - Hindi News App

I am happy to announce release of "YoHo News" app. YoHo News is a Hindi News app which gives you summary of whole day's news in a minute. When  phones have become smart, we thought that the news must also be smart and we developed YoHo News. Please try it and let me know your feedback. Download YoHo News App - Hindi News

Google Drive: Quick Notes

Today Google introduced much speculated Google Drive using this blogpost - . Some said that it is brilliant product and other rejected it saying that it is just a dropbox clone. Here are my quick notes - It is not available to all. It still is a limited release. It looks like it is available to the users who purchased paid storage for GMail.  It is also available to Google Apps users. Though I am not able to download PC app from my Google Apps account. I guess PC app is not available for Google Apps yet. Though after downloading PC apps from my regular GMail account, I was able to sign-in using Google Apps account.  Android app has crossed 5,000,000 downloads. Quite quick. That tells that Google Drive is an instant success.  It has SDK/ API available, so you can write your own apps. It looks like send faxes, edit videos and create website mockups apps are already out using those APIs. If you have pu

SEO: How to Find Webpage Age

Ever wondered how old is a page on web? Want to know age of a webpage? When a page was first published? Surely Google Cache is not an answer because it shows the latest date and time, and NOT the date and time when it was first published. There are many tools, plug-ins and add-ons but none worked up to my satisfaction. So here is a quick solution - 1. Search the keyword or the page URL in 2. In the results, on the left panel, you will find "Any Time". Click any option there, say "past year" 3. Now Google will start showing date of publish below each search result. Enjoy.

An additional plugin is required to display some elements on this page - Google Chrome Problem

If your Google Chrome shows this message - "An additional plugin is required to display some elements on this page" even after clicking"Install plug-in", then here is a quick solution - Disable Disable Skype's Click-to-Call extension Above error message generally appears if you have Flash content on the web page being displayed. Lots of people reported this problem with but it is common across all the websites using Adobe Flash. You can disable Skype click to call extension it as follows - Click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon on the top-right Click on Tools => Extensions Uncheck checkbox infront of Enable for "Skype Click to Call" extension Here you go!!! The error message will not appear again. Alternatively, I guess, you can also upgrade "Skype Click to Call" extension from Skype's website.

Google Wave is Dead

Yesterday, Google announced that they are discontinuing Google Wave product development. Lack of the user adoption was stated as the primary reason. Here is the excerpt from the blog post - "But despite these wins, and numerous loyal fans, Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked. We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will maintain the site at least through the end of the year and extend the technology for use in other Google projects." I am very sad hearing this news. I liked Google Wave a lot and always used it for team collaboration and collaborative document management. Now I am eager to see what Google has to offer to migrate this content. I also feel that Google Wave didn't pick up because of lack of proper promotion from Google. Google is always bad in promotion and lack of promotion is killing this great product. I hope they do it better in future. I guess, they will migrate all the content to Google Apps

What are users and weekly installs on chrome extension gallery

Recently we have created a chrome extension (Chrome browser plugin) from my Online astrology software named . This means that all astrological details and charts are just one click away. If you are Chrome or Chromium user, you can install plugin - MyKundali Chrome Extension .  I am sure you will love it. Don't forget to share your feedback. Though this post is not about the the astrology extension but the stats that it shows on the extension page. After two days when I go to the extension page, I found following figure "26 users - Weekly installs: 43" I was wondering what exactly are the "Users" and how they are calculated. Weekly Installs looks straight forward. Though chrome extension website doesn't give any official information, this is the explanation of both the terms based on my understanding - "Weekly Installs" Count As the name suggest this gives number of installs in the last seven days. So if I have 43 installs, it m