What are users and weekly installs on chrome extension gallery

Recently we have created a chrome extension (Chrome browser plugin) from my Online astrology software named MyKundali.com. This means that all astrological details and charts are just one click away. If you are Chrome or Chromium user, you can install plugin - MyKundali Chrome Extension.  I am sure you will love it. Don't forget to share your feedback.

Though this post is not about the the astrology extension but the stats that it shows on the extension page. After two days when I go to the extension page, I found following figure "26 users - Weekly installs: 43"

I was wondering what exactly are the "Users" and how they are calculated. Weekly Installs looks straight forward. Though chrome extension website doesn't give any official information, this is the explanation of both the terms based on my understanding -

"Weekly Installs" Count
As the name suggest this gives number of installs in the last seven days. So if I have 43 installs, it means that 43 people installed my extension in last 7 days. Remember this is not an average, so two weeks can have altogether different values.

"Users" Count
This is computed from update pings in the last week, so this gives you active users in last seven days. Remember, this is also a weekly figure and gives good indication of how many people are using your extension.

By the way, you can also use Google Analytics for more accurate analytics. So if you are a Chromium extension developer, you must use it.


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