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Recommended Books on Ayurveda

When you start studying any subject, it is important to get the right books. This is even more important for Indology subjects because more than 90% books are written by authors who even don't understand the basics of subject. There are some other problems as well. First of all the original text ( Charak , Sushrut , Vagbhat ) etc. are very old and not written keeping the present time in mind. Even some of the recent commentaries are pretty old and the language used is not very easy to understand. Also most of the books lack the practical approach and are almost with no examples. So here are few of my recommended books that I found the best available in the market - IN HINDI 1. Chikitsa Chandrodaya by Babu Haridas Ji Vaidya (in Hindi) Publisher: Haridas & Company (P) Ltd., Mathura When I was searching for books I never thought that the best books will be from my neighbouring city. I am from Agra so I am very pleased that these books are published from Mathura . These bo