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Books on Ayurveda

A comprehensive list of books on Ayurveda can be found at

Ayurveda Notes on Rasa and Dhatu

Signs and Symptoms of vitiated tissues (Dhatus) Restlessness, palpitation, cardiac pain, exhaustion without cause, irritation by loud noises, haemoglobin deficiency, roughness and dryness of skin. Muscle (mamsa) - cracking joints, eye Fat (medas) - lassitude, overly thin constitution, exhaustion, falling hair, nails, teeth, loose joints Bone (asthi) - thinness, weakness, bone, lightness, Vayu bone diseases weakness, and dry mouth Marrow (majja) - pallor, lassitude Reproductive - exertion, impotence, non-ejaculation of semen Essence (ukra) Sapta (Seven) Dhatus and their functions: Rasa (fluid) Dhatu - Derived from the digested food, it nourishes each and every tissue and cell of the body and is analogous to the plasma. Rakta (blood) Dhatu - Regarded as the basic of life, it is analogous to the circulating blood cells. It not only nourishes the body tissues, but provides physical strength and colour to the body. Masma Dhatu - The muscle tissue, its main function is to p

Must Read Books On Spirituality

I understand that no book is needed for attaining the ultimate. Though these are few great books that may guide you on your spiritual path. Here are my favorites - "I Am That" by Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj "The First And The Last Freedom" by Jiddu Krishnamurti "Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (The Book Of Secrets)" Part I by Osho "Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (The Book Of Secrets)" Part II by Osho

Buddha Boredom

Feeling bored. Want to change it, want to change it with doing something interesting, something fun, something cool .. check this out - Something strange is happening. I begin to like this undercurrent of boredom that runs through my life. It is part of my life, no, it is my life! Looked at from one side it is boredom; seen from the other it is sheer s p a c i o u s n e s s. My excitements, my activities are small islands in a vast ocean of boredom-spaciousness. Islands come and go – the ocean is. Why would I want to fill this boredom space with something to do? Is it not beautiful and perfect? It was its emptiness that scared me. But it is not only empty, it is also spacious. And this spaciousness is wonderful, like sitting on a mountain peak with nothing around but translucent blue space. So let there be spacious boredom! Full Book - Buddha was utterly bored. He left his kingdom when he was only twenty-nine, at the peak of his yout

Dowsing, The Paranormal Witching

My exploration to western books is continuing. Recently I started a book on Dowsing, the psychic ability to find water, gemstones, metals or other objects. This is nothing new in Indology and Indology has well developed process for this. The difference from Western dowsing and Indian dowsing is the reliance on the psychic abilities and intuitions. Indology has defined it in more detail and supported it with some other branches of Indology. Also all such topics converge to each other. Whereas in western world all such psychic branches are independent to each other. Also normally we have some detailed process involved to develop these psychic abilities, but in Western world, they have just-do-it kind of approach. Around ten years back, unknowingly, I tried few of dowsing methods and found that the objects were responding to my queries. I remember how the crystal was moving just by the directions of my mind. Though I believe, at that initial level, these were my more my bodily response to