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How to Make Millions with Domain Registration

Business 2.0 magazine recently published an interesting article on Kevin Ham who made millions of dollars ($300 million) with domain registrations. Check this out -

Kevin Ham, the $300 million master of Web domains

Share Market Predictions based on KP System

Shri Sunil Gondhalekar, editor Nakshatrache Dene - a famous Marathi magazine on KP System, has shared some very useful experience on Stock Market predictions. Here is a brief -
I consider Jupiter as main source for the overall trend of marketI look at it's starlord/sublord/and sub's starlordAlso i consider mercury as a key planet for weekly position same as JupiterIf, someone is connected with Mars, Hershal, Jupiter then teji is indicatedIf connected to Saturn, Mandi is observedIf connected with Neptune, Mandi with some fraud observedIf connected to Rahu, volatility is observedIf connected other planets other than mentioned, regular teji/mandiIf connected with pluto, big fall in market More details can be found at this KP Astrology Discussion Thread.