Use your Mobile Phone as Webcam - New Lag Free Solution

This is a new lag free solution that I didn't find on Internet. Most of the solutions currently available recommends DroidCam, IP Webcam, iVCam, NDI, Open Live Streaming apps etc. None of these solutions were able to give me better than Webcam quality with lag free output. With my solution, you can get DSLR like quality (depending upon your mobile phone) and use your mobile phone as high quality web cam. Use it with OBS, Zoom, MS Teams or software of your choice.

NOTE - 1. This solution has been only tested with Android phones and I have yet to test it on iOS (iPhone / iPad). 2. This solution works only on high-end Android phones which support output over USB Type-C port. My solution overview -
Now a days most of the phones do have USB Type C port and Video output over USB Type - C. My solution is to capture this output with a wire (to ensure high quality lag-free output) and give it as input to your computer. Once your computer gets it as camera input, you can use any software, either OBS studio or Google Meet / Zoom / MS Teams to use your mobile phone as high quality webcam.

Here is the elaboration of my solution. It has following three steps - 1. Use USB C to HDMI Adapter- Product Link - USB C to HDMI adapter is used to take USB Type-C video input and give HDMI output. We will use HDMI capture card to capture that output and give it as input to your laptop or PC. 2. Use any HDMI capture card - Product LInk - HDMI capture card will capture the output by USB C to HDMI Adapter and give it to laptop as input from nomal USB port. 3. Download Open Camera app - Download Link - This solution captures mobile phone screen and hence we need some app which can use mobile camera and show whatever captured on mobile screen. In-built mobile camera apps can not be used as those apps don't have option for clean output. By clean output I mean output without UI controls. To achieve that we will be using Open Camera app which is a free app. This app has an option to switch off GUI controls. You can go to
Settings => Immersive UI => Off to disable all GUI

Here is the video explaining the same -


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