Commentaries on Classical Literature of Ayurveda

I was searching commentaries on various classical literature of Ayurveda. I personally found that going thorough the recent commentaries are the best and the easiest way to learn the subject. There are lots of books available both by Indian authors and Western authors, but I don't find them useful enough, especially when you have the original text available with you. I also didn't find any good book either by Western or an Indian that shows their experience. So, after doing some googling on Internet, I found following list that looks very good to me -

S.No Name of the Text Book Author/Commentator Year of Publication
1. Sushrutarthsandipan Bhasya
Harana Chandra Chakravarthy 1908
2. Charakopaskar Yogindranath Sen (Calcutta) 1920
3. Charakapradipika Jyotishchandra Saraswati (Calcutta) 20th Century
4. Nighantu Ratnakar Duttaram Chaube (Mathura) -do-
5. Commentary on Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa Kalika & Bhaisajya Ratnavali Jaideo Vidyalankar 1970
6. Commentary on Charaka Sushruta & Astanga Samgraha Atrideo Vidyalankar 20th Century
7. Commentary on Charaka, Astanga Hrdaya etc. Pt.Ram Prasad Sharma (Patiala)-do-
8. Commentary on Sushruta Samhita etc.Bhaskar Govinda Gharekar (Varanasi)-do-
9. Commentary on Rasaratna Samuchchya Duttatraya Anant Kulkarni (Varanasi)-do-
10. Critical Commentary on Astanga Hrdya, Bhava - Prakash & Ashtanga Samgraha. Lal Chandra Vaidya (Varanasi)-do-
11. Rasa Hrdaya Yantri, Rasa Sara and 14 Other Books
Yadavji Vikramji Acharya 1910-1911
12. Padarth Vijnana Pt.Ramrakshaji Pathak 20th Century
13. Ayurveda Kriya Sharira Vd.Ranjeet Roy Desai -do-
14. Abhinava Prasut Tantra Pt.Damodar Shastri Gaur -do-
15. History of Medicine in India, Dravya Guna Vijnana (Varanasi) and Indian Medicine in Classical Age etc.Acharya Priyavrat Sharma 1972

Though I don't posses all above commentaries mentioned above, but out of whatever I have, I personally found Lal Chandra Vaidya's commentaries very good and well written. I also like commentaries by Pt. Ram Prasad Sharma. The one I didn't like is Sushrut Samhita's commentary by Atrideo.

The article from where I have taken the list talks a lot about other commentaries as well at different period of time. The details article can be found here.

All of above commentaries are Sanskrit-Hindi commentaries. I am still looking for some good commentaries in English language. If you know good commentaries in English language, please let me know.


please also mention the name of the publisher.. otherwise this information is not of much use for me.. except making an impression about you..

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